"I believe that curiosity is the engine for all intellectual development. Each hands-on exploration in a STEM Inquiry class is a jumping off point to wonder, question, think critically, problem solve, and investigate further."

~ Stephanie Rose, Director

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Stephanie Rose Science Exploration For Young Learners

Stephanie Rose, Founder & Director

Stephanie Rose is a science educator, staff developer, and the founder and director of STEM Inquiry: Science, Nature & Design for Young Learners, a science education consulting company leading Virtual Science/ STEM classes as after-school enrichment.

In addition to NYC Community School District # 3, where Stephanie worked as a Science Staff Developer for six years before starting STEM Inquiry, Stephanie has worked for over 15 years as a Science Coach in NYC elementary schools and early childhood centers helping children and teachers engage in science and engineering design. Looking at curiosity as the engine for all intellectual development, Stephanie is most interested in helping young students pursue their own questions that evolve from hands-on work with materials while integrating science, engineering design, literacy, and mathematical thinking.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Stephanie also holds a Master’s in Education, and is a New York State Licensed Science Teacher of General Science and Biology. Stephanie also completed a professional development program with the Institute for Inquiry at the Exploratorium Museum in San Fransisco, CA.

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