My daughter is absolutely loving the STEM Inquiry class. She loves science, and with less science in school now, this class really fills a need. She really enjoys the tactile building and creating. She looks forward to more experiments!"

P.S. 452 parent  

"My son uses the materials from the STEM Inquiry class exploration kit during the week in new ways to build interesting structures with his sister. Stephanie's sessions are so well thought-out and organized. She has a wonderful sense of what kids enjoy and she manages to engage them in exploration, even on Zoom!”

Hannah Sholl, Mom

If you are a busy parent, you can count on Stephanie to create a super-stimulating, engaging, educational science Zoom class each week. My daughter is always excited, curious, and independent in every session, and Stephanie makes it all very easy to gather materials by sending a kit of materials so kids can do the experiments together and record their observations. I appreciate how my daughter's ideas become part of the class."

Lynn Lu, Manhattan School for Children, 2nd grade parent 

"My daughter, Evelyn, truly enjoys being part of the STEM Inquiry class, blossoming in her love of science through unique explorations, and fun projects."
~ Julie S., NYC
"Stephanie, my children mention you whenever they discover something new in nature, or have a question about how things work. Their curious minds continue to wonder and explore. Thank you for the STEM Inquiry Hands-on Virtual Science classes this year!

~ Rika Nakaya, parent, Manhattan School for Children

"My daughter really loves exploring science with Stephanie, and looks forward to the weekly STEM Inquiry classes. Stephanie really nurtures the kids' interest in science and is very patient. I highly recommend the STEM Inquiry Hands-on Virtual Science classes!"

Doug, P.S. 452 parent of 5th grader

“Stephanie, you bring so much enerygy, joy, and love of learning to our son's afternoon. Thanks for bringing science into our homes!"

P.S. 452 parent of 3rd grader

“Stephanie, I love how you get Christina to communicate her ideas and questions, and also give her the space to formulate her thinking on the different topics you introduce in STEM Inquiry class. Science is an area of need, especially during this time.”

Lisa Janicki, PS 199, 1st grade parent

"It's great to make different things, and believe in yourself, and know you can do it, and you can make it."

Miri, age 6, Science Explorer

“I love the STEM Inquiry projects. They are so creative! It's clear that Stephanie puts a lot of thought into developing innovative activities that engage my child!  We look forward to participating again next term."

Kate Mayer, Mom 

“Woode's favorite class recently is STEM Inquiry. The activities engage his curiosity and focus.  Stephanie's calming teaching attitude is such a salve during these cooped up quarantine times!”

Rosanna Udoiwod, Mom

“STEM Inquiry class gives my daughter something to look forward to. She loved planting the seeds, and all the other STEM explorations. And the class is 50 minutes where my child is so engaged, that it's a nice break for me! "

P.S. 452 parent

“Josh and I have marveled at how much Stella is loving virtual science class and how she is more engaged with you, Stephanie, and with the lessons than she has been with any other virtual learning! We would love to continue with you — hope others will too!”

Gina Cherwin, Mom

"Stephanie, the way you follow the kids' lead and really listen is wonderful. Your class is refreshing and inspiring. I really believe in what you are doing with Science Explorers."

Megan Kimball, parent, P.S. 452

“Stephanie is a thoughtful, responsive, talented educator who values what children have to say. She puts inquiry learning at the center of her work and encourages children to explore, discover, hypothesize and experiment. The children become quickly invested in the work they do with Stephanie.

Amy Warden, Director, Brick Church School, NYC

“Stephanie Rose brings deep knowledge and passion to her work with children, parents and educators. Wonder and curiosity are always infused into her experiences with children.”

Lori Schneider, former Director, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue Early Childhood Center, NYC

“Stephanie Rose's work with children focuses on science, building on students' prior knowledge while providing hands-on and meaningful inquiry-based learning experiences. Her creativity and passion for teaching shines through in every innovative lesson. She has inspired countless young learners throughout New York City to explore and reinvent urban outdoor learning environments.”

Colleen Brown, Independent School Leader NYC

“During my tenure as Director of the Brick Church School, Stephanie Rose conducted professional learning workshops for teachers, as well as STEM classes for children from 2015 until I retired in 2020, and carried on after my departure. She continues to lead STEM classes for the children at Summer Steps at The Brick Church School which I still direct. Whether in person or online (as Covid-19 forced us to do in the summer of 2020), Stephanie provides the children with experiences that increase their knowledge and experience with nature and science. She actively engages them so effectively that I think they will never forget the knowledge they’ve gained, and even more importantly, their love for science and nature. Stephanie is a talented, creative teacher who knows how to match her teaching to the children’s age level and interests.

Lydia Spinelli, former Director, Brick Church School & Current Director, Summer Steps