STEM Inquiry 2021 Professional Learning

Want to do more outdoor exploration?
Looking for ways to extend student’s curiosity and science thinking?
Interested in ways to use your playground for S.T.E.A.M. explorations or planting?

Stem Inquiry's Professional Learning services are designed to help early childhood and elementary school teachers and schools take a deeper dive into outdoor exploration, science thinking, S.T.E.M. explorations, inquiry learning, and creating planting spaces.

Stem Inquiry offers expertise and guidance to help you reach your school’s goals. Director, Stephanie Rose, leads each professional learning experience. Workshops (virtual or in-person), as well as Days of Outdoor Learning, Scout Your School Grounds, and Planting in Your Playground.  Consulting and custom-tailored workshops and programs are available.


Consulting Services

  • Professional Learning Workshops (virtual or in-person)
  • Days of Outdoor Learning with Teachers and Students – to lead explorations and then plan next steps for investigations based on children’s questions.
  • Scout your School Grounds for outdoor learning potential
  • Planting in your Playground
  • Collaboration Sessions with teacher teams: Help to plan hands-on investigations based on children’s questions to create emerging units of study.

Popular workshop topics include:

  • Connect with Nature: Start Where You Are (series)
  • Planting in your Playground
  • Outdoor Exploration: Jumping Off Points for Investigations
  • Doing Science: Supporting Children’s Curiosity
  • Doing S.T.E.M. in the Playground (science, technology, engineering, math)
  • Exploring Trees, Soil, Water, Seeds, Shadows, Color and more!
  • Children’s Play through a Science Lens
  • Co-creating a Garden with Children as Decision-makers
  • Custom-tailored workshops to meet your school’s needs also available

What People Are Saying:

Stephanie spent some time with us during a professional learning day for staff in Fall 2020. We spent the entire time outside exploring a space we all knew so well, or so we thought. Stephanie showed us how to look closer, consider more deeply, and broaden the possibilities for outdoor explorations. Our staff was so inspired and refreshed after this time to reflect through a scientific lens.
- Tara Mastin, Director, Riverdale Presbyterian Church Nursery School